Eva Rummel | Artist Bio

As a third generation artist who grew up in southern Santa Cruz County, California I enjoyed the encouragement of my parents to unlock a natural creativity as soon as I could pick up a crayon.  A childhood spent at the beach and fishing in Monterey Bay helped to form a deep love for the sea and the beauty to be found above and below the waves. I have been a lifelong student of art, and have practiced in a wide range of mediums including charcoal, oil pastel, watercolor, pen and ink and graphic and interior design. I took every art class available in high school, soaking in the fundamentals.

At age 19 I moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University (still named Academy of Art College at that time) to study interior design. After my first successful semester, I discovered sailing and became so immersed in it I purchased a 26 foot sailboat, and accurately named her Precocious.  I sailed Precocious and other boats to all corners of San Francisco Bay.  When I wasn't sailing, you could find meat my homeport of Pier 39 or other waterfront marinas sketching  sailboats - refining my ability to accurately capture the form and characteristics found throughout my body of work. 


Over the years I've been part of several successful yacht racing teams throughout the Bay Area and Southern California, and enjoyed countless podium finishes. I've made voyages up and down the California and western Mexican coastline, including places such as Cabo San Lucas, Catalina and the Channel Islands, Puerto Vallarta, Ensenada, La Paz, Magdalena Bay, the Sea of Cortez, and even 2,200 miles across the pacific to Oahu, Hawaii.

More recently I've returned to my childhood hobby of fishing, only now it's on multi day long range trips departing from San Diego with my mother. Fishing action aside, I am continue to be mesmerized by the multitude of colors, wildlife, and nature to be found at sea.