Eva Rummel | About Me

Since my childhood in southern Santa Cruz County, California, I have been captivated by air, water, and light intersecting in coruscating ebbs and flows. Taking inspiration from icons of the pacific coast such as Jim DeWitt, John Steinbeck and Gary Mull, my work is a manifestation of a lifetime spent immersed in the wonder found at sea. 


My work harmonizes modern seafaring with the natural moods and forms examined in reflective observation of seascapes. Anyone seeking a connection to the wonder undulating from a representation of natural and human elements is invited to glide alongside my subjects. 

Forms are precisely calculated and composed with acrylic on canvas, beginning with the distant horizon and advancing to the foreground. My subtle use of metallics depict movement and illuminate the ocean’s spirit throughout, which allows the viewer to invoke thoughts of one's own displacement as we float among the elements.  I work and reside in San Diego, California.